305 000 €



258 m2

of area


Work model based on sharing office space and resources, or space with several individual offices and some common areas (pantry/cafe). It brings together people who do not necessarily work for the same company and/or area of ​​expertise. Widely used by liberal professionals, entrepreneurs and independent workers or occasional service providers. It solves the problem of isolation of the work model known as telework. In addition, it is a great alternative to increase productivity and make new business contacts through networking. People and companies that use coworking use this work model to establish business relationships where they mutually offer and/or contract services.

Some of these relationships also aim to favor the emergence and maturation of ideas and mutual projects both for companies and for the surrounding society, they are centers often requested by state entities for the elaboration of projects, since they usually bring together all the services necessary for the elaboration. of the same. It is a trend that is changing the way companies and entrepreneurs work, share and relate to each other. In coworking we find a well-planned and thought-out structure for autonomous and/or collective work. Everyone has the opportunity to maintain and increase networking with people from different areas and styles, increasing their productivity, since the environments and exchanges made in space are conducive to this (in addition to the fact that it is in a more sustainable and economical). Since services and commerce in the surrounding area are essentially aimed at young students, and given the fact that the local population has mostly sold or rented their property, not moving outside the city, there is currently a shortage of services for the rest of the population. A coworking space in which we can transform the store into several offices for liberal professionals so that they can bring together in a single place several services that can complement each other, is something that will work, not least because, as the area is quite expensive in the rental market, any professional release is “prevented” from having an office in this area for values ​​that may be considered adequate. In this way, an existing need in an area of ​​extreme daily visibility will be fulfilled, since tens of thousands of vehicles pass daily on Estrada Nacional 15, which is the main access to the city of Porto. The avenue where the store is located is the main one in the city and the one that even allows access to the A4. It will be the second driving force for the local economy, destined for the entire population that is currently forced to travel considerably to look for these same services, with the main driver at the moment being the Cespu Faculty, which stands out essentially for boosting the real estate market in rental by room for students, as well as some small shops, restaurants/bars and hypermarkets.

EXACT LOCATION VIA GOOGLE MAPS,-8.4456029,121m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0xd2489a4925cff21:0xc386252e6154c08d!8m2!3d41.1832385!4d!4d!

MATOSINHOS PRAIA VIA A4 - 22 minutes (24.3 km)
Senhora DA HORA VIA A4 - 19 minutes (23.7 km)
A. F. SÁ CARNEIRO VIA A4 - 19 minutes (24.7 km)
HOSPITAL DE SÃO JOÃO VIA A4 - 18 minutes (17.1 km)
C. MUNICIPAL PORTO VIA A4 - 22 minutes (20.5 km)

WALLS VIA A4 - 13 minutes (15.5 km)
VALONGO VIA N15 - 10 minutes (5.2 km)
ERMESINDE VIA A4 - 11 minutes (12.9 km) RIO TINTO VIA A4 - 16 minutes (18.4 km)
MAIA VIA A4 - 19 minutes (21.6 km)
ALFENA VIA A41 - 15 minutes (16.4 km)
PAÇOS FERREIRA VIA A41/A42 - 14 minutes (20.3 km)

📍Jose Filipe Azevedo
📍919 102 566

  • Price: 305 000 €
  • Status: Good
  • Gross area: 258m2
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Construction Year: 2000
  • Energy Certificate: D
  • Reference: C0188-01728

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AMFO Service, Unipessoal, Lda AMI: 5561
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