Mixed land with villa under construction, Monte Novo, Paderne, Albufeira, Algarve

400 000 €

32240 m2

of area

Mixed land with villa under construction, with access by paved road, located in Monte Novo, Paderne, Albufeira.

The land has 32,240 m2 of total area, of which 840 m2 refers to the urban plot and 31,400 m2 referring to the rustic plot.
In the urban plot there is an unfinished construction - with rough walls and applied roof - of a 1-floor villa with 184 m2 of implantation. Construction was interrupted and the building permit is expired. In this plot, there is also licensed water hole, however it needs to be reactivated.
In the rustic plot, there is arable culture with carob, almond, olive, almond and orange trees.
In the Letter of Planning of the PDM - Municipal Master Plan of Albufeira the building is integrated with two classifications - Dispersed Building Zone (ZED) and Rural Framing Zone (ZER):

A - Dispersed Building Zone - ZED.
The ZED area represents more than 4,000 m2 and faces the paved municipal road with a range of 50 meters from the road boundary.
(see image of the ZED and the preliminary allotment study: 4 lots, anterior and posterior limit with 20 m x 42.5 m Lateral = 850 m2.
Note: this study is a mere suggestion, as other alternatives for louse may be studied).

The ZED is regulated by Article 31 of the PDM
1 - Urban spaces of dispersed building are those which, due to their current size, need to be structured, and their occupation is permissible in accordance with the following paragraph.
2 - Allotment operations or highlights to be carried out in the dispersed building spaces defined in this Article shall be subject to the following urban parameters:
a) Minimum plot area - 500 m²;
b) CAS - 30 % - Soil Allocation Coefficient: is the relationship between the total implantation area (built area) and the total surface or lot.
c) COS - 40 % - Soil Occupancy Coefficient: is the relationship between the total area of the building and the total area of the lot in which it will be built. The building area is the sum of the covered floor areas of the building.
d) Number of floors - 2 more basement;
e) Minimum clearances: 6.0 to the previous limit; 5.0 to the lateral boundaries; 6.0 to the posterior limit;
f) In addition to the buildings subject to the indexes established in the preceding paragraphs, annexes for garage and storage, with an area of less than 30 m², as well as outdoor swimming pools are admissible.
3 - Construction, renovations and expansions shall apply to article 28(4).

B - Rural Framing Area - ZER (south)
The ZED area represents about 28,000 m2 and is regulated in the MIP by Articles 18, 25 and Annex IV of the same Regulation.

  • Price: 400 000 €
  • Status: Under Contruction
  • Gross area: 32240m2
  • Reference: C0358-00606

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