Terreno Rústico e Urbano com mais de 4 hectares na Barranquinha | Porto Corvo | Sines para venda

460 000 €

41525 m2

of area

The land consists of two plots that are joined: Rustic Land with a total of 41525 m2 and Urban (existence of a ruin of 55m2 in need of total remodeling) village of Barranquinha, parish of Porto Covo, Municipality of Sines. The land is composed of varied vegetation where we can find a well.
There are markers delimiting the terrain. It has easy access through the national N120-1, with a path of about 100m of dirt road.

Sines is a Portuguese city in the district of Setúbal, Alentejo region and sub-region of Alentejo Litoral. It is the seat of the municipality of Sines with an area of 203.30 km² and 14,200 inhabitants, subdivided into 2 parishes.
The municipality is bordered to the north and east by the municipality of Santiago do Cacém, to the south by Odemira and to the west it has a coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. The coast of the municipality, to the south of São Torpes, is part of the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina.

This municipality has the largest and first port area in Portugal, the main city of the port logistics industry in Portugal and the birthplace of Vasco da Gama.
Sines is inseparable from the sea. From the first records of occupation in the Municipality, which date back to Prehistory, to the present day, the sea and its resources are present in the economy, culture, and habits and customs of the population of Sines. Although there are attested records of the Punic people in Sines, it was the Romans who defined the Municipality as a port and industrial center, with the bay of Sines being the port of the city of Miróbriga. During the Arab occupation, Sines was practically abandoned, and only after the Christian conquest, with the Order of Santiago, Sines gained administrative autonomy on November 24, 1362. The charter of elevation to town is granted by D. Pedro I with the counterpart of building a castle. Sines was, during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the place chosen for the location of the Italian Naval School with a strong relevance for the training of Naval Engineering at the time. With the importance of maritime life in the territory of Sines, Porto Covo was founded in the eighteenth century with the aim of building two ports there. In the nineteenth century, with liberalism, Sines ceased to belong to the Order of Santiago and was practically extinct, being restored at the beginning of the twentieth century. Thus, until the 60s, the life of Sines was strongly marked by the cork industry, fishing, agriculture and tourism. It was from the 70's that the industrial, economic and social rise in the Municipality of Sines began with the construction of the great industrial complex.
Sines is, today, an important industrial center, with the location of an oil refinery, petrochemical, polymer construction, metalworking and wagon production industries, and the first largest artificial port in Portugal and a deep-water port that allows the passage of half of the country's port traffic.
The municipality of Sines has the highest GDP per capita among all municipalities in Portugal.
Porto Covo is one of the parishes of the municipality of Sines. Initially, it was a fishing village, but due to its beaches and landscapes, it is currently very popular with tourists.
The history of Porto Covo begins in the mid-thirteenth century, with the existence of a place located on the cliff near a cove.
Its beaches are some of the most beautiful and natural in the country and hold the blue flag. Praia Grande, Praia Pequena, Buizinho and Pingardeiro are some examples. The island of Pessegueiro, 340 m long and 235 m wide, is another point of interest.
Its name has a Latin origin, evolving from the terms piscatorius or piscarium, since in Roman times it was a place for the preparation of fish, as witnessed by the remains of the salting tanks that can still be observed on the island. It has a beautiful beach, is great for windsurfing and sport fishing.

  • Price: 460 000 €
  • Status: Needing Total Refurbishment
  • Gross area: 41525m2
  • Plot Area: 41525m2
  • Reference: 1356-01745

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