370 000 €





185 m2

of area

Villa in Quinta do Anjo, still under construction!

On a 444 m2 plot, we started the construction of a single storey V3 villa.
In the Quinta do Anjo area, surrounded by the Natural Park and overlooking Lisbon, very quiet and so close to everything.
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Elevated, within the scope of the Portuguese State's administrative organization, to the Parish Statute on February 10, 1928, it has a rural dimension and of manufacturing industries related to this primary sector - particularly cheese, bakery and winemaking - of great economic importance and cultural for both the Parish and the entire Region.
Largo da Igreja and Sociedade de Instrução Musical are the social center of the village, where the big events and local festivities take place. At Quinta do Anjo, religious devotion is very great, with the Feast of All Saints being celebrated uninterruptedly since 1756, on November 1st, in gratitude for saving the town from the damage caused by the earthquake of the previous year.
The Society for Musical Instruction has been a center for cultural, musical and civic training since its foundation in 1921, and the beauty of its romantic style headquarters is noteworthy.
The oldest part of Quinta do Anjo, which has probably been occupied since prehistoric times, is made up of clusters of low-lying houses, with patios where sheep and goats are traditionally kept and where some of the cheese factories are located. Its name comes from the huge amount of vines that surrounded the houses and which, in other times, were, in addition to grazing, the only form of subsistence for the local populations.
Quinta da Fonte do Anjo
Legend has it that the fountain on this farm was protected by "a good angel armed with a sword, therefore St. Michael", from the attempted poisoning by the forces of evil, thus saving the populations that lived there. The image of stone and lime that existed there of the sword-armed angel stepping on the dragon crumbled in 1985, with the source itself almost dry due to the drop in water tables.
Quinta do Anjo ended up giving the name to every village that developed around it.
At the top of Serra do Louro stand the windmills that, in a not too distant past, were an important industry for the processing of cereals. The force of the wind hits the open sails, making an axis rotate, which in turn transmits the rotation to a limestone that rotates on a fixed one. These stones, called "millstones", receive the cereal grains among them, transforming them into flour.
One of the most important vestiges of prehistory is a set of four artificial caves, excavated in the rock, which served as a collective tomb for the people of the region for around 1000 years in the Chalcolithic Period (Age of Copper). The deceased was placed – in the fetal position, accompanied by a set of ceremonials and offerings – inside the tomb which, due to its configuration, imitated a maternal womb, symbolizing this act as a return to the origin of life and a tribute to fertility.
The four artificial caves at Quinta do Anjo are funerary monuments with unique characteristics, which can be integrated into the Late Neolithic era (about 4,500 years ago) and which continued to be used as collective burial sites during the Copper Age.
They were excavated in the rock, forming compartments with a circular tendency, which are accessed through a corridor and an antechamber.

  • Solar Energy
  • Hot Water
  • Garden
  • Preinstalation Air Conditioned
  • Electric Shutters
  • High Security Door
  • Wardrobes
  • Waters
  • Electricity
  • Double Glass
  • Kitchenet
  • Urban
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Bathtub
  • Wall
  • Facade
  • Aluminum Windows
  • Courtyard
  • Patio
  • Flat Land
  • Price: 370 000 €
  • Status: Under Contruction
  • Net area: 185m2
  • Gross area: 444m2
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Construction Year: 2021
  • Reference: C0237-02157

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