1 590 000 €





430 m2

of area

Farm in the Algarve with swimming pool, two villas with a total area of 403m2, beautiful garden, and land with 18.717m2. Excellent for Rural Tourism!

In this farm you can feel the tranquility of listening the birds singing melody, accompanied by the sounds of nature. The Villas with 403m2 of gross area, and swimming pool were built with the most modern construction techniques, and with high quality materials, providing a very high thermal and acoustic comfort. Due to the most modern equipment, including solar panels for water heating and inverter air conditioning, it allows you to enjoy great comfort and energy savings. Its location just five minutes from the village of Algoz, where you can still feel the Algarve tradition in the services, as well as the traditional market, where you can do your daily shopping, shops, and restaurants where you can eat traditional dishes of fish, meat, and chicken with piri-piri. Once a month, visit the Municipal Market where the region's farmers sell vegetables, fruit, honey, and a wide range of regional products, keeping the old traditions. In about fifteen minutes you will reach Praia da Galé, Golf dos Salgados, Shopping da Guia, downtown Albufeira, downtown Silves and its historic areas. The region of Silves has been inhabited since the Paleolithic, as evidenced by archaeological remains, including several menhirs. The river Arade, navigable in historical times, connected the hinterland to the open sea and allowed the transport of products and trade. The village of Silves (Cilpes) was possibly founded during Roman domination, when the region was part of the province of Lusitania. It was probably a Castro Lusitano in pre-Roman times; however, the region was also colonized by other Indo-European tribes such as the Celts and Cynetes (or Conii). Silves was also part of the Visigothic Kingdom (418–c. 721). After 713, when the Moors invaded the Iberian Peninsula, Silves became part of the Umayyad Emirate of Cordoba under the Arabic name of Shilb (شلب). In the 10th century it was one of the most important cities in western Al-Andalus. Silves became an independent taifa in 1027 under Ibn Mozaine and his son, who was dethroned in 1051 by al-Mu'tadid, the governor of Seville. al-Mu'tamid ibn 'Abbad, son of al-Mu'tadid and a famous poet, ruled the taifa of Silves until 1091. After the conquest of the Almoravids the village became Almohad in 1156.
In 1189, King Sancho I of Portugal conquered (in the Reconquista) the city with the help of crusaders from northern Europe. Sancho ordered the fortification of the city and built a castle, which is today an important monument of Portuguese heritage. At the time it also called itself "For the Grace of God, King of Portugal and Silves (Dei Gratiæ, Rex Portugalliæ et Silbis). However, it soon lost the city again to the Almohads. Periodic assault expeditions were sent from Al-Andalus to devastate the Iberian Christian kingdoms, bringing back booty and slaves. The governor of Cordoba attacked Silves in 1191, and took 3,000 Christian slaves.[7] Again under Muslim rule, the city would prosper to the point of being called Baghdad of the West.
The village was finally taken from the last Muslim king Ibn Afan by D. Paio Peres Correia, Grand Master of the Order of Santiago in 1242, after the Alentejo and most of the coast had already fallen in 1238. The great mosque was transformed into a Sé de Silves (Cathedral Cathedral). Silves lost importance thereafter and was eclipsed in the region by Faro during the colonial period. In 1491, the village of Silves was given to Queen Eleanora by her husband, King João II of Portugal.

  • Price: 1 590 000 €
  • Status: As New
  • Net area: 430m2
  • Gross area: 19120m2
  • Plot Area: 19120m2
  • Bedrooms: 8
  • Bathrooms: 6
  • Construction Year: 2020
  • Energy Certificate: A
  • Reference: C0205-05155

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