Urban plot for construction of detached single-storey house in Oliveirinha ,Aveiro

60 000 €

347 m2

of area

This plot offers the possibility of building a single-storey house with a basement on a plot with a total area of 883m2.
Within this total area this plot has 272 m2 of gross construction area with 136m2 of implantation area.

It has a frontage of 18m2. The plot has a slight slope at the beginning for outdoor parking in front of the villa.
Good sun exposure.
Plot with infrastructures already in place, except for the gas supply.

The villa you've always dreamed of could be built on this plot of land in a quiet, single-family area, in a cul-de-sac with little traffic and only inhabited in one direction.

Costa do Valado Singles-Married Football Match
This get-together, which consists of a football match, began in Costa do Valado in 1973. Initially it was played between Fat and Skinny, but due to the lack of people with the designated characteristics, it was changed to Singles and Marrieds.
It's held every year, usually in June, and its sole aim is to bring together the locals, residents and all those who are connected to the town in some way.

Because it's the socialising that really matters, tradition dictates that the game ends in a draw, with penalties often being awarded to settle the score.
But other antics can take place in this peculiar game, with players throwing themselves to the ground so that they can be assisted with the traditional Chaparrião, which cools the throats.
But spectators have also been able to watch a donkey being used to carry a stretcher.

The Conviviality ends with a large, well-seasoned and well-watered dinner in one of the local restaurants. During the dinner, the organising committee for the following year is appointed. There is a group of people called the "Central Committee", which in this case has no political connotations, to go through the paperwork and, if necessary, help with the organisation.
Baile das Comadres
The Baile das Comadres is a traditional dance that has been held in the parish of Oliveirinha for over a hundred years, on the Thursday before Carnival.
Throughout its existence, although it has always been held, the Baile das Comadres has gone through various vicissitudes and many have been its organisers.
The Casa do Povo (People's House), which had been providing its premises for the event for over sixty years, took over the organisation in 1992 because it felt that its purpose was being distorted.
Every year, a group appointed for this purpose lists all the unmarried boys and girls.
The names are placed in two different bags.
During the break in the dance, one name is drawn in turn from a girl and another from a boy who will become "compadres".
On Ash Wednesday, the comadre gives a gift to the compadre and the compadre in turn returns the gift on Easter Sunday.
It is therefore a centuries-old tradition that is both regional and family orientated.
In the old days, fathers would accompany their daughters to the dance, which, as well as being fun, also served to promote healthy socialising between families.

Today, although no one brings their own lunch, families generally accompany their daughters and sons.
It should be emphasised that in addition to Casa do Povo members, boys and girls (compadres and comadres) get in free.
Because it's a carnival ball, there are always a few masqueraders who are also identified in a special place designed to conceal their identity.
Any profits made from the ball always go towards social solidarity.

  • Price: 60 000 €
  • Gross area: 347m2
  • Plot Area: 883m2
  • Parking: 2
  • Reference: C0474-00141
  • Airport (0m) - Aeroporto Porto-67km
  • Square Taxis (0m) - Aveiro 10km
  • Transportation Facilities (0m)
  • School (600m) - Escola Primaria
  • School (2.1km) - Escola Secundaria Oliveirinha
  • Pools (2.3km) - Oliveirinha
  • Police (5.9km) - PSP Aveiro
  • Supermarket (6.5km) - Glicinias Plaza
  • Pharmacy (6.6km) - Verdemilho
  • Gym (6.8km)
  • Supermarket (8km) - Mercadona Aveiro
  • Train Station (8.1km) - Aveiro
  • Hospital (8.2km) - De Aveiro
  • Shopping Center (8.4km) - Oita
  • Fire Department (8.6km) - Novos de Aveiro
  • City (8.6km) - Aveiro

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