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In the amazing Village of Arripiado, we find this mixed land (urban and rustic) with a total of 1,440 m2, which directly contacts the Tagus River. The fact of being located in a village and its direct contact with the River are unusual features to find in construction land, allowing you to enjoy, from your own property, various nautical and leisure activities, where history (i.g. proximity to the mythical Almourol Castle), nature and peace prevail.

The potential of this land, and its house to ribuilt, is enormous. Own housing, secondary housing (holidays and/or weekends) and touristic business (which is very scarce) are examples of how to make the most of this “paradise”.

Total area: 1,440 m2; Urban area: 240 m2; Rustic area: 1,200 m2.

Maximum authorized construction areas (recovery of the ruin): Implementation area: 64 m2; Gross construction area: 128m2 (2 floors).

Small in size, but big in beauty, this is the Village of Arripiado, a tangle of narrow streets and white houses, built on a slope that descends to the banks of the Tagus. It is in this beautiful village that the famous Lezíria Ribatejana begins.It belongs to the parish of Carregueira, municipality of Chamusca and district of Santarém. It is located 14 km from Chamusca (about 15 min), 40km from Santarém (about 40 min) and 139 km from Lisbon (about 90 min).

It is worth highlighting its proximity to Village of Golegã - Horse National's Capital, which promotes several events during the year (15km/18 min) and Entroncamento (25km/20 min), an important point on the Portuguese railway.

In Arripiado, and next to the river pier, as well as the interesting points of the surrounding area, you can see unique views of the villages on the opposite banks of the Tagus. In the Riverside Walkway and the Riverside Green Gardens, you can find sportive fishing spots, a picnic area and an open-air auditorium, next to the river. The town runs down the slope from the EN 118. Therefore, as you walk through the narrow streets, squares and stairs that lead to the river you will find another postcard of Arripiado, the flowers, that are part of the tradition and pride of the people of the land.

Nearby, and as “must see” places to visit, we have the Almourol castle, classified as a National Monument. It was built from scratch in the 12th century, as documented by inscriptions dated 1171, by the Templaries's Order, on a rocky island in the Tagus River, possibly constituting the most emblematic Portuguese medieval castle.
Based on this National Monument, the Parque Almourol project was created with the aim of dynamizing the heritage and economy of an area of around 12km of the Tagus River, comprising areas between Vila Nova da Barquinha, Constância and Arripiado.
The project aims to transform this space into the main center for active and adventure tourism, nature and leisure, promoting between 30 and 40 different activities such as archery, slides, rappelling, climbing trails, paintball and mountain biking, as well as various water sports.

You can also visit the beautiful portuguese village of Chamusca, the county seat, in the heart of Ribatejo, where the Tagus River dominates and characterizes.Chamusca is a village, where humble rural houses intersect with stately homes that have survived the passage of time, in the quiet streets of this place that has a strong Architectural Heritage within its domains.The Municipal Garden is also a pleasant space available to all visitors.

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  • Price: 195 500 €
  • Gross area: 1440m2
  • Plot Area: 1440m2
  • Reference: C0271-00915
  • River (0m) - Tejo

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