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Faro (Algarve), Faro (Sé e São Pedro) (Algarve)

Referência: C0205-04706

Lote para construção de edifício habitacional que resulta na agregação de 4 números , podendo ser dividido em dois lotes .
Localizado e inserido numa zona calma de Faro com a proximidade de todos os serviços e com uma forte possibilidade de valorização. PIP aprovado ( Pedido de Informação Prévia ) do qual fica assim descrito todas as possibilidades que este excelente lote contempla
Área total de 1 989,68 m2
Com uma área de implantação de 1 703,16 m2
Área total de construção de 4 585,16 m2
Número total de fogos de 42 divididos em três pisos acima do solo e para os respectivos estacionamentos num total de 77 lugares em 2 pisos de cave
Uma ótima oportunidade de investimento!

Land for construction of a residential building that results in the aggregation of 4 divisions, which can be divided into two lots.
Located and inserted in a quiet area of Faro with the proximity of all amenities and with a strong possibility of enhancement.
Having been asked for a PIP (Request for Prior Information) which describes all the possibilities that this excellent lote contemplates
The total area of 1 989.68 m2
With an implantation area of 1 703.16 m2
Total construction area of 4,585.16 m2
A total number of 42 apartments divided into three floors above the ground.
Available parking space divided into 2 basements for 77 cars.
A great investment opportunity!

Faro, the Algarve’s administrative capital, is located in the south of Portugal.

The municipality comprises 4 parishes: United Parishes of Conceição and Estoi, Santa Bárbara de Nexe Parish, Montenegro Parish and United Parishes of Sé and São Pedro, having around 65.000 inhabitants distributed by 210 km2 and being around 30% of that area part of the Ria Formosa Natural Reserve.

The city is south bordered by a 19 km length dune, interrupted by openings that connect the sea to the Ria Formosa, forming 3 main islands.

Faro is a millenary city to be (re)discovered.

The pre-roman town called Ossónoba was one of the most important urban centers in the south of the Iberian Peninsula.

Today, due to its location, as well as being a capital city, Faro has the most important infrastructures and public services existent in the Algarve region.

The airport early receives more than 5.000.000 tourists; the University is internationally acknowledged in Marine Sciences, Tourism Management Studies, and Biotechnologies; the Algarve Central Hospital and 6 high schools are facilities that state Faro’s central position.

The council’s cultural and sportive dynamic is strongly allied to its capital role.

You may visit the islands by boat, however, one of them – Faro Island - is also accessible by car.

The islands are places of excellence where you can take a pleasant walk in the natural surroundings of the Ria Formosa Nature Park. You may also enjoy boat trips, bicycle rides, trail walks, and bird watching along the Ria.

The local gastronomy, based in the Ria Formosa’s shellfish, the white sand, and warm water beaches that in some locations are only inhabited by migratory birds, are amongst the natural features to be discovered.

Faro is rich in natural and cultural heritage and invites you to discover it.

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