Rustic land 5250m2 near Ericeira by the sea

295 000 €

5250 m2

of area

For a rustic plot of land in a National Ecological Reserve (REN) on the Ericeira coastline, there are a number of activities that can be considered, taking into account the restrictions and regulations associated with these areas. Here are some suggestions:
Infrastructure for Sustainable Tourism: If there is a demand for tourism in the region, low environmental impact buildings such as eco-huts, eco-resorts or sustainable campsites can be considered, provided they are designed with sustainability and environmental preservation criteria.
Conservation and Maintenance Structures: Depending on the area's conservation needs, small structures such as ranger shelters, storage facilities for conservation equipment or fire control stations may be permitted.
Ecological and Adventure Tourism: Develop tourism activities that promote the appreciation of nature in a responsible way, such as whale watching tours, snorkelling on local reefs or kayaking along the coast.
Scientific Research: Facilitate scientific research in collaboration with universities and research institutions to study local biodiversity, the impacts of climate change and the conservation of coastal ecosystems.
Ecosystem Restoration: If the land is degraded, consider ecological restoration projects to recover local ecosystems, such as reforestation, removal of invasive species and conservation of natural habitats.
Sustainable Agricultural Practices: If the land allows, sustainable agricultural practices such as organic farming, permaculture or agroforestry may be an option for land use, as long as they are compatible with local regulations.
It is crucial that any proposed building on rustic land on Ericeira's coastline is carefully planned to minimise environmental impact and preserve the integrity of the local ecosystem. In addition, it is essential to obtain all the necessary authorisations and licences from the relevant authorities before starting any construction project.

  • Rustic
  • Flat Land
  • Price: 295 000 €
  • Gross area: 5250m2
  • Plot Area: 5250m2
  • Reference: C0383-00791
  • Sea (10m)

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