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Urban land+Warehouse

1 350 000 €

4646 m2

of area

I am pleased to present a property located in Maia, a land with great investment possibilities. This property is ideal for those seeking a spacious and versatile space, with a generous land area of 4646m².
One of the highlights of this property is the 572m² stone warehouse, which has been completely renovated and now offers a blend of rustic, modern, and functional ambiance. The warehouse includes a well-equipped kitchen and three bathrooms, providing all the necessary amenities for commercial use.
Additionally, the property features two enclosed garages, allowing for secure vehicle parking. The ample multifunctional space offers numerous possibilities for use, easily adapting to different types of businesses or projects.
The location of this property is highly convenient. It is just 20 minutes away from Porto, making it easily accessible for commerce and transportation. Furthermore, it is only 8 minutes away from the center of Maia, close to ISMAI (Instituto Superior da Maia), equally 8 minutes from the airport, and a few meters away from healthcare centers, schools, kindergartens, and a hospital. This strategic location provides access to a wide range of services and facilities, essential for any commercial activity.
Another interesting aspect of this property is that half of the land can be leased or sold separately. This offers an additional investment or future development opportunity. There is also the possibility of building houses or a 4-story building, further increasing the potential for value appreciation of this property.
The land is fully enclosed, providing security and privacy. The main entrance of the property features a wide iron gate, and it is equipped with an alarm system and security cameras, ensuring the protection of the investment.
In addition to the great investment possibilities and the ample available space, this property in Maia presents an excellent opportunity for projects related to student accommodation. Given its proximity to ISMAI and other educational institutions, there is a high demand for student rooms in the area.
Based on these ideas, it is possible to explore the construction of individual rooms or even a small student accommodation complex on the available land. The strategic location of the property, combined with the growing demand for student accommodations, makes this option particularly attractive.
When developing a student room project, it is important to consider the distribution of the available space and plan common areas such as study rooms, social areas, and additional services that can meet the students' needs, such as laundry facilities or storage spaces.
Furthermore, the property's proximity to public transportation and easy access to educational institutions are additional factors that can make this project even more appealing to students looking for accommodations near the campus.
With the increasing demand for student accommodation in the area, investing in student rooms can be an excellent way to maximize the investment potential in this property.
Remember that these are just preliminary ideas, and it is essential to obtain the necessary approvals and licenses before starting any construction project.
In summary, this property in Maia is an excellent investment opportunity, with a large land area, a renovated warehouse, and various possibilities for use. Its strategic location, close to several amenities and services, adds even more value to this property. Contact us for more information and to seize this unique opportunity.

  • Price: 1 350 000 €
  • Status: Excellent
  • Gross area: 4646m2
  • Plot Area: 4646m2
  • Construction Year: 1945
  • Energy Certificate: A
  • Reference: C0460-00042
  • School (150m) - Escola Basica de 1 CEB /JL de Castelo de Maia
  • School (210m) - Escola Secundaria do Castelo de Maia
  • Subway (2.6km) - Metro Maia
  • Hospital (3km) - Hospital da Maia
  • School (3.8km) - Universidade da Maia
  • School (3.9km) - ISMAI - Universidade da Maia
  • Airport (8km) - Aeroporto Oporto - Maia

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