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Land with PIP approved with construction area of ​​3052m2 inserted in the Urban Rehabilitation Area Cidade de Porto

1 100 000 €

3052 m2

of area

Land / building object of intervention , has an area of ​​2860m2 , its perimeter describes an irregular polygon of about 47.30m in size on the west side facing Travessa do Campo de Paiva ( dead - end street ) It also has a connection to a " easement of passage " to Rua de Santos Pousada .
The described land is free of constructions and walled in all its limits, being crossed, in all its width by a line of water of small dimensions. This watercourse, which describes an "L" is sweetened to the eastern limit of the plot and is "open" in the segment that crosses the land in the south/north direction.
The project is located on a plot of land located within a block, with accessibility through the aforementioned street. The fact that it is located within a block makes it very quiet without us realizing that we are in the center of the city.
In terms of volume, the project envisages a building with a unitary, rectangular character, consisting of 3 floors above ground, with use of the attic of the roof with exclusive accessibility from the 3rd floor above ground, all intended for housing. a " semi - underground " floor also intended for housing and a basement for car parking . The building houses 16 fractions of type T2 / T3 / T4

The project was designed so that the occupants of the building and the corresponding condominium could enjoy the green space inserted in the "complementary green corridor" so that the dwellings located on the "semi-buried" floor have the main front around this space, establishing a direct relationship with the the garden . On the other hand, the project provides for the landscaping and preservation of the waterline's banks in order to enhance and enhance the private space.
In this project, 25 car parking spaces were foreseen. The sweetened parking spaces at the west end of the building were designed in "BOX" and may have a private access to the respective fraction located on the floor immediately above.

It is located in the Cidade de Porto Urban Rehabilitation Area and, as a result, benefits from a reduced VAT rate of 6% on construction materials and labour, exemption from IMI for 3 years (extendable for another 5 under certain conditions), exemption from IMT and 5% IRS taxation on income or capital gains. All these benefits must comply with the Tax Benefits Regulation.

Porto, a World Heritage city, is the great gateway and can be the starting point for a journey through the natural and cultural diversity of the region. It is known for the wine that goes from here to the whole world, but also for the School of Architecture, from which the names of Álvaro Siza Vieira and Souto de Moura, both Pritzker Prize winners, came from. And also for a heritage that knows how to combine the antiquity of churches and monuments, such as the Sé or the Igreja de S. Francisco, with the contemporaneity of outstanding buildings such as the Casa da Música, the Serralves Museum and others.

The Douro River crosses the region. Enter Portugal squeezed between the ravines and mountains of the interior to tour the entire World Heritage landscape where Port and Douro wines are grown. There, the wine that goes to Caves de Gaia and the cruises that visit the region are crossed.

Nearby :
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Field 24 August - 1200m
Dragon Stadium - 1600m
Avenida dos Aliados - 1800m

  • Price: 1 100 000 €
  • Gross area: 3052m2
  • Plot Area: 2860m2
  • Reference: C0412-00459

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