Land-61 lots authorized, 58 of which for housing

1 950 000 €

45387 m2

of area

Located in one of the most exclusive areas of the city of Setúbal, the Poço de Mouro Village subdivision project aims to promote an experience coherent with the environment, enhancing streets through integration with nature, spacious streets, and green leisure areas outdoors.

PIP approved for 62 lots between 400m2 and 1200m2 of which 58 are for housing and 3 for equipment

Land area 45,387.28m2

Municipal Domain Area
Collective Equipment - 630.24m2
Green spaces for collective use - 901.26m2

Parking spaces
Common spaces 1118.75 m2 (112 seats)
Conditioned mobility places 87.50m2 (5 Seats)

Street area
Roads 5029.42m2
Pedestrian sidewalks 6657.12m2
Chair Tours 379.11m2

Parking lots 1206.25m2

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Gambia - Pontes - Alto da Guerra is a Portuguese parish in the municipality of Setúbal, with an area of ​​32.96 km² and 6809 inhabitants (2021 census), with a population density of 206.6 inhabitants/km², being an essentially rural parish.


The oldest traces of human occupation in the parish date back to the Neolithic, around the middle of the fourth millennium BC. Concrete data on human presence in the area only occurs around the second half of the 16th century, during the period of salt exploration, which was an important source of wealth for the area. The progressive reduction of this activity led, especially in the 18th century, to the movement of the population to the interior areas of the parish.

The parish was created by Law No. 102/85, of October 4, with places detached from the parish of S. Sebastião.

Activities linked to the exploration of salt pans and shellfish farming are carried out. A large part of the old salt pans were transformed into fish farms, whose activity is expanding rapidly. The most produced fish species are sea bream, sea bass, sole and eel. In the industrial area, in the Vale da Rosa area, there are concrete and car assembly companies. In the area of ​​agriculture, there are the largest lettuce producers in the region. There is also cattle and sheep farming, raised on pastoral grounds, mainly at Herdade de Gâmbia and Quinta de Canes.

The cultural heritage presents traces of human occupation from Antiquity. With rural characteristics, the parish hopes to be able to create rural tourism linked to the Sado Estuary, where the Gambia Campsite can be developed

The parish includes the following localities:
Gambia - Vale de Judeus, Biscaínho, Bairro dos Salgueiros.
Bridges - Mourisca, Monte dos Patos, Montinho da Cotovia, Brejos de Canes, Sitio das Pontes, Montinho, Bispas, Quinta da Bonita, Quinta de Canes, Quinta de S. Bernardo.
Alto da Guerra - Poço Mouro, Serralheira, Quinta da Serralheira, Bairro do Corticeiro, Vale Ana Gomes, Quinta de S. Jorge and Quinta da Amizade.
Other locations – Padeiras, Casa do Gaiato, Quinta do Mocho, Brejos do Assa

  • Construction Feasibility
  • Parking Garage Visit
  • Sloping Ground
  • Price: 1 950 000 €
  • Gross area: 45387m2
  • Plot Area: 45387m2
  • Reference: C0237-03036
  • Pharmacy (0m)
  • Supermarket (0m)
  • Transportation Facilities (0m)
  • Commercial Area (0m)
  • Freeway (0m)
  • Fire Department (0m)
  • City (0m)

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