Building land in Geraz do Lima

96 500 €

13367 m2

of area


Building land in Geraz do Lima with 13 367 m2 with excellent access along the road with Project Approved for Industrial Zone.



Geraz do Lima (Santa Maria) is a parish in the municipality and district of Viana do Castelo, is located on the left bank of the River Lima, at the eastern end of the municipality of Viana and borders with that of Ponte de Lima, approximately 12 kilometers from each one of those municipal poles.

With an area of ​​402 hectares, it faces north with the parishes of Deão, Moreira de Geraz do Lima and Vitorino das Donas, to the east with Geraz do Lima (Santa Leocádia), to the south with those of Carvoeiro and Portela Susã and on the west side with those of Deocriste and also Deão.

This parish, which belonged to Archbishop of Neiva, has as its patron Saint Mary (Our Lady of Expectation) and the vestiges known for human occupation in its territory refer to the Castro culture and later Romanization.

In medieval times he was part of the Judgment of Santo Estevão de Riba Lima and, from the middle of the 13th century, he became the head of Judge of the Lands of Geraz do Lima, also integrating the neighboring towns of Deão, Moreira, Santa Leocádia and Vacaria . This Judgment will constitute the municipality created by charter of D. Manuel I, granted in Lisbon on the 2nd of June 1515, losing its status in 1836. Well, it is one of the large number of municipalities extinct by the reform of Mouzinho da Silveira and, in spite of all the attempts made for its maintenance, it will be integrated into what is the current administrative vianenese alfaz.

It has very productive land and a favorable climate for the cultivation of vines and cereals. For this reason, agriculture is still an economic activity of excellence for its people, marked by emigration, to which is added commerce and small industry, such as civil construction.

With a biweekly fair, its natural and built heritage has evident signs of its identity, with emphasis on the Parish Church, Cruzeiro de S. Sebastião and Torre do Paço. In the religious sphere, the festivities in honor of Santa Bárbara stand out, on the first Sunday of July, and of S. Sebastião, on the fourth Sunday of January.

In addition to the dynamics of its collectives, the Folkloric Ranch of the Lands of Geraz do Lima and the Sports, Cultural and Social Association of Geraz do Lima, Santa Maria offers visitors its Parochial Museum Center and enjoy the idyllic Santa Bárbara hill landscape gift.

  • Construction Feasibility
  • Urban
  • Afront
  • Depth
  • Pine Trees
  • Natural Light
  • Price: 96 500 €
  • Gross area: 13367m2
  • Reference: C0437-00113

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