Allow me to introduce myself briefly. My name is Beatriz Silva, and I bring a solid 13-year experience in Human Resources, encompassing its key subsystems, including Organizational Development, Recruitment and Selection, personnel administration, benefits, internal communication, training and development, and the formulation of organizational policies aimed at quality, motivation, and results.

My competencies include:

Performance Management and Employee Development Cycle.
Development of recognition programs.
Alignment with the organizational culture and the promotion of belonging, collaboration, diversity respect, and inclusion.
Employer Brand Management.
Annual planning and control of training programs.
Conducting climate surveys, creating action plans, and enhancing communication.
Identifying and planning training needs.
Contributing to cultural transformation, including initiatives that promote inclusion and diversity.
I join Century 21 Pirâmide das Kasas in October 2023 with a strong desire to contribute and collaborate in the success of this Kasa that has opened its doors and placed trust in my potential.

Professional Designations

  • Ser&Estar


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