Since I can remember I enjoy a good conversation, interacting with people, observing them, and being able to somehow contribute to making their day more colorful. This taste, this way of being made me graduate in an area that I have always loved and which is precisely related to connecting with people and contributing to their development. After 24 years dedicated to this profession, I felt like starting a new project. Since in 2000 I had my first contact with the real estate area as a managing partner of a real estate agency, it was then that I decided to return to this area that attracts me so much. Having the possibility of contacting people, advising them, informing them in a rigorous and up-to-date manner, applying my knowledge in the field of real estate, in short, being able to contribute to a story with a happy ending, brings me a sense of mission fulfilled.
Therefore, I joined the Century 21 Sandra Silva team, as I identify with the value by which they are guided such as honesty, professionalism, commitment, seriousness, ethics. It is with immense satisfaction and joy that I can say that, in fact, life is made of changes, the slogan I decided to choose because I identify with it a lot.

Professional Designations

  • Branqueamento de Capitais 2023

  • CREATE 21 - Golden Edition Live Training

  • Ser&Estar


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