With a solid background in the banking sector, I found in the real estate universe the opportunity to merge my experience with the commitment to offer a modern and efficient approach. By simplifying processes and integrating digital strategies, I aim to make the journey of buying or selling your property not only effective but also engaging.

My commitment goes beyond efficiency; it is about building lasting relationships. I have developed negotiation skills aimed at adeptly adjusting interests, enhancing business trends. I believe that this unique approach is fundamental to aligning interests among people, making each transaction unique and successful.

When considering the sale or purchase of your property, trust in the experience and dedication that I, Diogo Carmona, offer. With a solid track record and a people-centered approach, I guide you through this process with absolute commitment, ensuring a smooth and successful journey.

"In real estate, true mastery lies in turning challenges into opportunities, where dedication translates into success, and each achievement is more than a transaction; it is the realization of a dream." - Diogo Carmona

Professional Designations

  • Branqueamento de Capitais 2023

  • CREATE 21 Golden Edition: Etapa Presencial Lisboa

  • Ser&Estar


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