I have been working as a real estate consultant for several years, always attracting friends, making dreams come true and seeking the best for my clients, focused on a good business, with financial and documentary security, supported by the banking, documentary and analytical credit sectors, bringing at a fair price a great business opportunity.
My experience gives me confidence in what I do, and my business card is my satisfied customers after this journey in the real estate field.
I learned that there is no such thing as a difficult property to sell, but I barely work!
There is not even a difficult client but worked without empathy, because they are human beings, and if you don't sensitize them, you will never have a client, but strangers.

Professional Designations

  • Branqueamento de Capitais 2022

  • CREATE 21 Golden Edition: Etapa Presencial Lisboa

  • Ser&Estar

Recently active properties

  • 120 000 €

    Alenquer, Ribafria e Pereiro de Palhacana


    Eduardo Fixe

  • 1 800 000 €

    Lisboa, Arroios

    3 wc


    Eduardo Fixe


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