My professional journey is an exciting mix of experiences and learning. In a world where every project is more than a task, it's an opportunity for growth, I find myself immersed in the beauty of connecting the professional with the personal.
With dedication and perseverance, I don't see my work as just a career, but as an expression of my commitment to impacting lives. My skills go beyond CVs and projects; they are rooted in the ability to understand not only tangible needs, but also the emotions and aspirations behind them.
Every challenge is a journey, not just to fulfil goals, but to build solid, lasting relationships. I believe that authenticity, transparency and empathy are the keys to any successful business.
In a world where technology often distances us, I strive to bring a human touch to professional interactions. I believe in the importance of creating a work environment that not only thrives on fulfilment, but also nurtures happiness and well-being.
I'm currently looking for opportunities that will challenge my professional expertise and also allow me to make a difference, not just in the results, but in the emotional journey of the people involved. Let's build something incredible together, where heart meets professional excellence.

Professional Designations

  • Ser&Estar


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