I'm Pedro Cavaleiro, I was born on October 14, 1998 (24 years old), I'm from Lisbon and I have two children. Professionally, I worked for 5 years as a pool technician, an experience that allowed me to develop not only technical skills, but also soft skills in terms of communication, managing expectations and solving problems with colleagues and clients. I think I have personal characteristics appropriate to functions that involve direct contact with others, namely empathy, sociability, spirit of collaboration, assertive communication, self-confidence, among others. My goal is to mediate the dreams of all those who share them with me! Therefore, I embraced this new project, through which I want to affirm and develop new skills and grow. With high esteem, I wish you excellent business!

Professional Designations

  • Branqueamento de Capitais 2023

  • CREATE 21 Golden Edition: Etapa Presencial Lisboa

  • Ser&Estar


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