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Welcome to Newlife!

Century 21 Newlife was the space we created to welcome you on July 2020. Located in a premium location of the city of Lisbon, on Avenidas Novas. With an experience of about 15 years in real estate, we feel the duty to provide a new life for us and our clients.

CENTURY 21 Newlife consultants stand out for their dedication to their clients, business and the propensity to sell real estate. Many work with professionalism, others with perfectionism, our team can combine these two characteristics and add passion.
We don't just raise and sell real estate, we build relationships with our customers. It's because of them that everything makes sense! Identifying your needs and exceeding your expectations are the key pieces to give you a new life.

This presentation is for you, because this is a people's business. In this sense, if you need a real estate mediation service, we would like you to place your trust in our team for the sale, purchase or rental of your home.

We are entirely at your disposal whenever you need us!

A change of house is a new life!

Lisbon Consumer Disputes Arbitration Centre - http://www.centroarbitragemlisboa.pt

Our Staff
Our Team
  • Rita Montoia
  • Anabela Amaral
  • António Brütt Pacheco
  • António Rodrigues
  • Bruno Claro
  • Leila Custódio
  • Luís Antunes
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