70 000 €

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Land with 3483m2, in Achada do Nordeste, with a tributary of Ribeira dos Caldeirões.

Nordeste (Açores), Achada (Açores)

Reference: C0276-01422

Ribeira dos Caldeirões is a Portuguese watercourse located in the municipality of Nordeste, São Miguel island, archipelago of the Azores.

This watercourse has a large number of tributaries, most of which start at a height of around 900 meters in the Planalto dos Greguiis.

Its watershed drains in addition to part of the buttresses of the Planalto dos Greguiis, part of the slopes of the Espigão da Festa elevation.

On this river you will find the Caldeirões Natural Park.

The watercourse of this stream that flows into the Atlantic Ocean does so after crossing the village of Feteira Pequena in Achada.

Next to Ribeira dos Caldeirões, find this land with 3483m2, where one of its tributaries, Ribeira do Machado, belongs to a part of this Ribeira to the promoted land.

Pedestrian trail area, used by locals and tourists, of a natural and incomparable beauty, where there is a calm, green landscape and clean air found only on these trails that tear the landscapes of our island.

We also found in that place the ruins of two mills and a house, formerly called "burra's house", which served as support for the mills.
Ruins belonging to the land being promoted.

Excellent business opportunity for those looking for a unique and differentiating product in the market, in the area of ​​natural tourism.

  • Price:  70 000 €  
  • Status: For Sale
  • Gross Area:  3,483 m2
  • Hospital - Centro de Saúde do Nordeste
  • Supermarket (450m) - Andrea Minimercado
  • Supermarket (550m) - Mini Mercado Braga
  • Supermarket (600m) - Café Debbie
  • Pharmacy (650m) - Farmácia da Achada
  • Commercial Area (2900m) - Restaurante Poço Azul
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70 000 €

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