65 000 €

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Land for sale in Vila do Conde

Vila do Conde, Retorta e Tougues

Reference: C0251-01480

Excellent land with 500 m2 in the parish of Tougues, Vila do Conde.
Located in a quiet location and with panoramic views.

Great business opportunity!
Build your dream home!

The oldest known written reference, from the parish of Tougues, dates from 1069 and is a deed from the convent of Moreira, stating that the town of Retorta is located between the town of Tougues and that of Pindelo. This parish, which was part of the municipality of Maia, was a miter abbey, with opposition from the bailiff of Leça. Also according to the Corographic Dictionary, there was a Crosier monastery here, which became the secular abbey in 1475.
The Mamoas de Mourão and Contra Mourão (around 5000 to 3000 BC) are marked here by Vítor Oliveira Jorge, which are largely destroyed.
Architecturally, there are several farmhouses.
It was part of the municipality of Maia E and was annexed to the municipality of Vila do Conde in 1836.
Tougues is known for having the best national BTT track, and being world class.
It was an extinct (aggregated) parish in 2013, as part of a national administrative reform, having been added to the parish of Retorta, to form a new parish called União das Freguesia de Retorta and Tougues.

  • Price:  65 000 €  
  • Status: For Sale
  • Gross Area:  500 m2
  • Field (1m)
  • Town Centre (6000m) - Vila Do Conde
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65 000 €

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