175 000 €

Estimated Mortgage

Property with access to Rio near Ponte da Misarela or Ponte do Diabo.

Single Habitation 3 Bedrooms

3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 100 m2 of area

Montalegre, Ferral

Reference: C0256-01668

Energy certificate: In Process

Property map

Property with 28161 m / 2 of land and 100 m / 2 of mills and cut designated with the emblematic and well-known name Canal da Misarela.
East channel located next to the beautiful Misarela bridge. This property will have as main interest tourism and / or water or agricultural exploitation.
with high characteristics and potential, derived from its beauty and strength of the waters. Dated 1952. The property is linked to a property, reference in the municipality of Vieira do Minho and classified as Public Interest, called Ponte da Misarela,
built in the middle ages and rebuilt at the beginning of the 19th century, whose construction is associated with a legend. The property has two articles, Um Urbano and Rustico
it is important to identify the elements that differentiate this property full of history and with excellent resources, in addition to tourism with a lot of affluence throughout the year, it also has water resources (generating electricity or others) and agricultural resources.
The size and extension of the channel, associated with the geographic insertion and availability of water, represents an added value that could be the target of exploration, in areas such as truticulture.
it is important to identify the elements that differentiate this property, with properties not only in this region but also in other areas of the country:
In the 1930s, a hydroelectric power station operated on this property, which supplied electricity to the borralha mines.
The plant was submerged by the waters of the Salamonde reservoir, with a considerable channel, weir and floodgates remaining, all in a reasonable state of conservation, such as the quality of the materials with which they were built. Which was later used for the operation of two mills.
The property is oriented to the South, being limited by the Ponte da Misarela, by the canal, to the North (level curve 300) and by the Rabagão River, Salamonde reservoir (level curve 270).
The canal has an extension of approximately 520 meters, of banks with the River with development from the weir, next to the bridge of Misarela.
Along the crest of the wall of this channel, there is a pedestrian access, very precarious, whose use is limited to the maintenance of such infrastructure.
Fruit of the solar orientation and implantation in the valley, providing moderate temperatures, which provided over the years that several products were extracted from this farm, among which, olives, apples, pears, oranges and vegetables.
The legend :
The fable of the devil is summed up like this: a fugitive, with authority in pursuit, is faced with the impassable river. Cornered, he evokes the devil to help him cross, and in return offers his soul. The demo immediately accepts the pact and out of nowhere it appears a stone bridge, which the fugitive crosses, but which soon collapses with a crash, making it impossible for the pursuers to pass.
Later, the man regrets having sold his soul to the devil and looks for a priest to help him. The ingenious priest goes to the place where the fugitive had crossed the river, also evokes the mafarrico, promises his soul, and the bridge reappears. At that moment the priest removes a pot of holy water, which he carried hidden in his clothes, sprinkles the bridge and recites the litany of exorcisms. The devil runs away in terror, leaving the bridge that is still there today intact.
The Misarela bridge must not be known only for its legend or for being a site of admirable beauty or simple tourist poster. It is a historic place that honors us as a freedom-loving people and jealous of its sacred ground. The numerous Napoleonic forces were harassed here, on the very stormy night of the sixteenth of May 1809, at the hands of 800 barrosões paisanos, who waited in vain for reinforcements, because the Anglo - Portuguese troops from Wellesley never arrived.
The bridge must also be remembered because, on January 25, 1827, there was an important encounter between the realistic troops of Gen

  • Price:  175 000 €  
  • Status: For Sale
  • Building size:  100  m2
  • Gross Area:  29,000 m2
  • State: Good
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • Construction year: 1937
  • Construction Feasibility
  • Electricity
  • Facade
  • Fence
  • FlatLand
  • Manual Gate
  • Natural Light
  • Oven
  • Patio
  • Pine Trees
  • Rustic
  • Slope Land
  • Urban
  • Waters
  • Window
  • Fruit Trees (0m) - Ferral
  • Water Dam (0m) - Ferral
  • Field (0m) - Ferral
  • Green Spaces (0m) - Ferral
  • Lake (0m) - Ferral
  • Mountain (0m) - Ferral
  • Countryside View (0m) - Ferral
  • River (0m) - Ferral
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175 000 €

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