78 000 €

Estimated Mortgage

Country house for refurbishment 24 Km from Sta. Cruz Beach

Single Habitation 3 Bedrooms

3 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom 83 m2 of area

Torres Vedras, Maxial e Monte Redondo, Loubagueira (Maxial)

Reference: C0363-00136

Energy certificate:

Rustic villa with excellent areas in quiet area, great investment opportunity, with huge potential.
House consists of ground floor and 1st floor. On the ground floor there are two divisions for storage and on the 1st. floor has four rooms for housing. There is also a
outbuilding with two divisions.

• 24 Km from Santa Cruz Beach
• 12 km from Torres Vedras
• 57 km from Lisbon

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The word Maxial derives from Machial, a lot of shrubs suitable for the grazing of goats.

Some archaeological remains seem to give this parish a prehistoric origin. The castro of Cabeço do Jardo is the evident proof of what has just been stated. There the first populations of the parish would have lived.
With the arrival of the Romans, in the century. III BC, these peoples were forced to abandon their castros, at the foot of the mountains, and to descend to the alluvial valleys, more fertile and productive.
The legacy left by the Romans in the Torres Vedras region, as in the rest of the country, was significant. Romanization was felt primarily in the installation of new settlements, but also in the technique of housing construction, in the opening of roads and bridges, and, in terms of the economic and financial system, the profound change in the tax regime and the introduction of new agricultural techniques.
The main vestiges of the Roman presence are concentrated in S. Martinho, near Aldeia Grande. Several years ago, various objects and coins from that time appeared, from Emperors Tiberius and Nero. All of this can be found today at the Municipal Museum of Torres Vedras.

Since remote times, the main economic activity of most people in the parish, consisted of subsistence agriculture, with the main crops being vineyards, wheat and corn, followed by potatoes, beans, grains and other vegetables. There were also several fruit trees, fig trees, apple trees, pear trees, plum trees, with an emphasis on the olive tree whose olives were "conduit", and olive oil others, after being crushed in the mills (now extinct). The creation of small herds of goats and sheep and other animals, such as the ox, the pig, the horse, the male, the donkey, rabbits and chickens contributed to the rural economy of the parish, being used in the food of some people, and in other transport.
In the industrial aspect, the parish had scattered throughout its territory, about thirty windmills and five water (watermills) that transformed the grain into flour, whose millers in their cargo animals transported the cereals to the mill and then the flour to the house customers, after deducting the tribute from their work. Other small industries, such as pottery, with their pottery artisans, blacksmiths, who made and repaired rural tools (hoes, etc.), cutters, basket weavers, carpenters, coopers and shoemakers, distributed throughout the various places, provided for the needs of the rural people. With the passing of time these conditions change significantly and although agriculture remains an important factor in the economy of the Parish, it takes place in different ways, with a marked tendency for some intensive cultures, due to developments, mechanization and the existing market .
Some ancestral crops, such as wheat and corn, have almost disappeared, with most of their land planted with eucalyptus and pine, currently more profitable crops, constituting raw material for paper pulp.
The cereal culture is dead, the milling industry ceases, and the mills are now a ruined landmark in the history of the recent past.

  • Price:  78 000 €  
  • Status: For Sale
  • Building size:  83  m2
  • Gross Area:  148 m2
  • State: Reasonable
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 1 Bathroom
  • Construction year: 1950
  • Energy certificate: F
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78 000 €

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