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House T4 in excellent condition

Single Habitation 4 Bedrooms

4 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 155 m2 of area

Viana do Castelo, Darque

Reference: C0437-00091

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Semi-detached house T4 located in the parish of Darque, with good access to the city of Viana do Castelo and the A28. Consisting of 3 floors, the ground floor contains a living room with fireplace, kitchen with dining room and bathroom. On the 1st floor is the private area of ​​the Villa, with 4 bedrooms all with fitted wardrobes, one suite, plus a complete bathroom to support the rest. In the basement there is a garage for two cars and storage areas. At the rear of the house there is also an annex with kitchen and living room, ideal for socializing with friends and family, taking advantage of the barbecue on the side of this annex. For your comfort the villa still has central heating, and pre-installation for air conditioning. Close to various transport, services and shops. Visit Now !!!
Do you know Viana do Castelo? if you really know the city, ask questions about chieira, filigree, minhotas, folklore and the pilgrimage of Senhora da Agonia. In Viana you have the North beach, you have the Monte de S. Mamede and Santa Luzia, by the Moinhos de Montedor, we are of the hill and the sea.
Spoken by those who wrote and sang for us, Pedro Homem de Mello and Amália Rodrigues, the voice that sings our hymn, and the hymn of love for all, “We shall go to Viana”, which sounds at the Pilgrimage of Senhora of Agony like a beating heart. That's when you realize the love you can have for the city.
You speak of “My Land is Viana” while you grapple with the lyrics, and understand how the Minho women have a strong personality. You ask what is the best Pilgrimage, if there is such a big difference between Senhora da Agonia and the Feiras Novas, and I explain that for Viana, the Senhora da Agonia Pilgrimage is unique.
You ask what's in Afife and I tell you that Pedro Homem de Mello when he died wanted to leave his heart there, and not in the land that saw him grow.
You also say that between Santa Marta, Meadela or Areosa, there is the best Vira, and I will tell you that there is Gota in Carreço and Verde Gaio in Afife, and that it is in Viana that there is the best International Folklore Festival.
Your memory would run through the lanes of Viana, those narrow lanes, until you get lost at Natário's door, but then you assume that the smell of Berlin balls and the lines you have to face to buy them comes to your mind. In your mind the smell of the Rio Lima and the Rio Minho has never been forgotten, and it is the most reassuring of all.
Never forget your gaze trapped in the colors that pass through the Stewardship, the girls who wear the costumes with their best smile, the red of Areosa, the glass of Santa Marta in their black skirts, nor the well-known Carreço costume. Do not forget the kisses of the bride and groom in the ethnographic parade, you will remember the folklore shows followed by the beautiful serenade where our hymn eternizes the phrase that appears on the beautiful Eiffel Bridge - Viana é Amor!
Ah ... And never forget again after the night you spent in Arraial Minhoto, where there is color, light and music and where even those who do not know, cannot remain indifferent to the climate that lives there.
You realize that you think of Viana and smile - by the smiles -, the ships that leave, the sun that embraces and love does not deceive, the shadows scare.
But deep down, everything is retained in the Procession to the Sea, where the devout people who are there remind you of who you are and where you are. It may be a small town, but just turn your back on Galicia, then turn to the sea, and that's it: you have the emotion in your heart and you understand that the city has welcomed you,
even without realizing it, you are hers. Love flows.
I think that you will be able to know that you have much more in Viana than what you think, you have culture in every place that your view reaches, the passion around the corner.

You will undoubtedly always remember the phrase that echoes so much in Viana - Those who like it come, those who love it stay!

  • Price:  199 950 €  
  • Status: For Sale
  • Building size:  155  m2
  • Gross Area:  210 m2
  • State: Good
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • Construction year: 2007
  • Parking type: 2 Closed Square
  • Energy certificate: D
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