Andreia Mendes

I have been in the real estate business since 2017 as a real estate consultant at Century 21 Tipy Family. Without any knowledge or experience in the field, I discovered what makes me truly happy. HELPING PEOPLE!
Being useful in the process of buying and selling the house is what moves me in every new opportunity that comes up. Being close to people. To be able to collaborate with all the logistics and bureaucracies involved. Get to the scripture day with that feeling of "Mission accomplished!"
I did my academic training in Secretariat and Management Advisory but I never got to work. At my option, I was a mother during college and the degree was not finished. I went through several companies with different functions and businesses but I never felt completely fulfilled. I have a vast experience in administrative work, secretarial and accounting. However, it was with this real estate project that I found my way of life!
I am part of a team with around 150 consultants, the largest team in Europe. Our agency is currently No. 1 in Iberian Billing (Portugal and Spain) and with the support of the various departments and other employees, the truth is that I feel at home!
Being a real estate consultant is a daily challenge to be more and more and better. It is a constant learning and growth. Last year, in the total of consultants from our agency, I closed the year like this:
* Revelation Consultant 2019
* GSC - Golden Star Club
* 5th Raising 2019
* 7th Transaction 2019
* 9th Turnover 2019
The objective is to go further and further!
Are we going to collaborate together in buying or selling your home?
Until one of these days.

Training and Expertise
  • CREATE 21 Golden Edition
  • English
  • Français
  • Português
  • Irina Gomes

    January 2020

    Excelente profissional, sempre pronta a ajudar, com uma disponibilidade incrível. Com muita garra e foco. De profissional a uma grande amiga 😊

  • Andreia Gonçalves Teixeira

    May 2019

    Muito muito muito obrigada ❤️ por TUDO!! Foi ajuda "chave" para a realização do nosso sonhos, não poderíamos estar mais gratos com a equipa que escolhemos para nos ajudar, obrigada Andreia Mendes por toda a dedicação para resolver e contornar todos os obstáculos. Aconselhamos e recomendamos a @aimteamc21tipyfamily de olhos fechados,um obrigado em especial à Andreia Mendes, pelo ser humano fantástico que é 😍😘