António Simões

The taste for the real estate sector, the automotive sector and the sport of football, which I practiced, has made my circle of influences very wide and allows me to achieve in one way the objectives that I propose to sell or help you look for your next home, I especially like what I do, because I must end up having interaction with people and the taste of being able to help people, allow me to develop my potentialities. I was connected to several dealers connected to Renault Portugal, during twenty five years as a commercial in the sale of new cars and in sports I went through several clubs here on the south bank as well as in the Alto Minho, from which I reinforced my circle of influence.
After these years, I embraced the project of CENTURY 21 P.M. Paiva, which allowed me to achieve personal fulfillment.
I have guided all my personal and professional life, according to a range of values, such as: honesty, seriousness, competence, rigor, professionalism, quality, commitment, dedication and dedication, among others.
 It was these values ??that I found as a motto in CENTURY 21.
 Common thoughts result in common projects.
From people, to people, António Simões, the right person to sell your property.

Training and Expertise
  • CREATE 21 Golden Edition
Awards and Distinctions
  • 2019 Centurion
  • 2018 Galardão Esmeralda