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Formed in architecture for more than a decade, my professional life has always been linked to construction and real estate. Much of my professional experience was directly linked to the project and the work, dealing with and contacting the most varied profile of people.

This market teaches us to work in partnership with our client, so that both are satisfied with the end result, since we are dealing with dreams.

The taste for the real estate market, also led me to the area of ??management and real estate appraisal. An experience with great results for my professional career, since I started to have more indicators on real estate.

Upon returning to São Miguel, after 8 years of living in São Paulo, I received an invitation that honored me to be part of the magnificent project of Century 21 Azor, the largest real estate network company in the world, known and recognized by the high degree of satisfaction on the part of its clients. Once again, the passion for construction and real estate, and the simple fact that we could realize dreams, made me accept this challenge.

My personal and professional life has always been guided by a range of values, in which I focus such as: honesty, competence, professionalism, interest, commitment, commitment, dedication, rigor and above all love for the next.
It was these values ??that I found as a motto in CENTURY 21 Azor. Confident thoughts result in trust in people.

"A dream dreamed by itself is a dream. A dream dreamed together is reality."
In Yoko Ono

Training and Expertise
  • CREATE 21 Golden Edition
Awards and Distinctions
  • 2019 Master Ruby
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