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Carla Tomé

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CENTURY 21 Rodolfo Natário

Rua Tristão Vaz 10 1400-352 Lisboa

RNSC - Consultoria e Mediação Imobiliária, Lda.   16993


My name is Carla Tomé, I have a degree in Sports Science, an area where I worked for about 10 years simultaneously with my other training area - Flight Operations in Civil Aviation, where I have been working since 2000!

In 2003, I embraced the biggest project of my life ... being a Mother! Today I am a mother of 3 children, I keep my professional activity in Civil Aviation - Flight Operations and a few months ago I decided to "chase" another of my passions, thus embarking on the Real Estate Sector.

What best characterizes me is the constant concern for well-being and dedication to others, it is the ability to work, adapt, organize and the passion that I have in everything I set out to do!

I was lucky to be invited to work and learn with a Top team, where professionalism, detail, rigor, exclusivity and humanism reign, and for that reason, I identified myself from the first day! I felt at home here, at Century 21 Rodolfo Natário, supported by an entire team that transmits total confidence to be able to meet the needs of our customers, thus offering an excellent service!

I hope to help make a difference and be able to serve you in the search for your dreams, your passions!

"Houses are passions", come and meet yours with us!

Carla Tomé

Training and Expertise
  • CREATE 21 Golden Edition