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CENTURY 21 Porta do Alentejo

Avenida Lino de Carvalho 15 7005-467 Évora Évora

Porta do Alentejo, Sociedade de Mediação Imobiliária, Lda   6986


My name is Dulce Constantino and I am at your disposal at CENTURY21 Porta do Alentejo in Évora.
Some values ??are fundamental for my personal and professional conduct, such as: ethics, humility, transparency, respect for others and their values, technical competence, professionalism and differentiation in what I do. Values ??that I maintained throughout my professional career that began in the areas of arts and education and which I do not abdicate.
It was these values ??that I found as motto in CENTURY 21 Porta do Alentejo. Common thoughts result in common projects.
I like handwork, music, traveling and being surrounded by friends and family. My biggest love is my three children that fill me with joy every day.
Dreams? I have many! If i try to measure them with the tape measure, I can not do it because they are infinite ...
And you? Can you measure the size of your dreams?
In the end your satisfaction and your smile will be the best recognition I can have!

Training and Expertise
  • CREATE 21 Golden Edition
  • Ser e Estar CENTURY 21
  • English
  • Português