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CENTURY 21 Ramomi

Avenida Vieira Guimarães 47 2450-110 Nazaré

RAMOMI - Sociedade de Mediação imobiliária, Lda.   8579


When I imagined my first job, I never thought I would be a real estate consultant and could not have the wrong idea.
At the age of 22 I decided to pursue this career, of which I am proud and gives me the pleasure of saying that I am a professional of the immobile CENTURY21 RAMOMI.
Without any knowledge in the area, I came willing to win and so I continue because without this initiative it would not be possible to work in this activity.
It is this will that motivates me to give the maximum for your property because this business is from people to people.

Ethics, professionalism, commitment and integrity are some of my main characteristics, which will make your business run smoothly.

«Success is what we get by turning motivation into attitude»

Training and Expertise
  • CREATE 21 Golden Edition
  • English
  • Português