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I'm a Real Estate consultant in Europe, where I have been living since 2002 on Portugal with exception of three years I lived in Geneva. I'm architect and urbanist with a master degree in Development Sociology. I studied Urban Planning and History in some post-graduate courses in Brazil universities too. I continued my academic graduation in Art History during an unfinished Ph.D. between the Oporto University and the New University of Lisbon. I have interests on the visual arts imaginaries and researched the historic cartography representing Amazonian Region. I was born on that region, on the capital of state of Pará (Brazil) and leave it to made my Ph.D. studies, thinking I would soon return. So my needs and affections changed it all and reinvented my future. The capital of Portugal became my hometown. I could live in this town forever because I love it very much. If there are regrets to be living far from my original hometown and I miss my family, I always have friends around me, sitting at the table to eat and to discuss politics, science, customs, ideas etc. I have a kind of family made up in a very special cosmopolitan urban ambience in Lisbon. This is the place I find people with different nationalities, who share interests in History, Arts, good foods, wines and a comprehensive sense of work ethic. My professional field let me not forget the Arts, especially the Art-mediation and the Poetry. In fact, the ensemble of my lifetime could be translated in an artistic way. It’s almost a "Fado" or a trip of great discoveries, a challenge to be ready to face storms or to find wonderful lands, demanding to be under the protection of a nice and warm shelter always.

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