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Filipa Maciel


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CENTURY 21 Rodolfo Natário

Rua Tristão Vaz 10 1400-352 Lisboa

RNSC - Consultoria e Mediação Imobiliária, Lda.   16993


My name is Filipa Maciel, I have a degree in Tourism Management and a postgraduate degree in Strategic Management of Events.
I was military in the Air Force, for 7 years, a professional experience, that defined me as a person, and that made me bring values, such as discipline, mutual help, work capacity, organization, resilience, and most importantly, to have passion in everything I do.
I joined this project in the real estate business, because one of my passions, are houses, and I decided to do it, in the best team in the sector, where the main goal is to value the assets of our customers, putting their needs always first.

Do you want to sell or buy a house? Talk to me!
"Home are passions", come and meet yours.

Training and Expertise
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