Joana Jesus

Real Estate Consultant, 21 years old, single.

The passion for science, but mainly for the interaction with people and the ability to help the next one, took me to the University of the Algarve and to the course of Biomedical Sciences. In addition to all the school activities, I got involved in solidarity-based actions such as raising food for the Food Bank Against Hunger and for associations that help abandoned animals. After this stage of my life, I decided to dedicate myself to real estate, mainly because of the interest I have in knowing and communicating with people, but also because of my ambition to succeed in doing a business that is successful and simultaneously helps people. I guided my entire personal and professional life, according to a range of values, such as: honesty, seriousness, competence, rigor, professionalism, persistence, commitment and dedication, amongst others. It were these values ??that I found as a motto in CENTURY 21 Banga Sol.
Common thoughts, result in common projects. From people, to people, Joana Jesus, the right person to sell your property.

Training and Expertise
  • CREATE 21 Golden Edition
  • Ser e Estar CENTURY 21
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