Did you know that a buying and selling process involves a series of bureaucratic and financial procedures, which gives a huge headache to those who don't understand them?
Hello, I am João Rodrigues, I am available to help you in this complicated and time-consuming process.
Century 21 is a real estate mediation brand that provides services that include honesty, transparency, zeal for good work, and trust.
We are a team that has the best knowledge of the market and the manor, with a direct link to the various C21 agencies in 88 countries, which, together, enhance the probability of selling all properties that are exclusive to us.
In this difficult time, when you intend to invest in a new home or sell your property, trust me and my team to handle your process as efficiently as possible.
We work for your happiness and satisfaction.
"The first step in making a dream come true is to wake up."

Training and Expertise
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