Kátia Baptista

With an extensive background in Residential Real Estate, Katia brings her passion for sales, marketing and customer service satisfaction in everything she does for her clients.

With over a decade of experience within the Greater Toronto Area's Real Estate scene, Kátia has now opened her practice to Lisbon, Portugal where she carries on with the same schematics of her business; providing her clientes with the b best overall services and a seamless transaction with peace of mind.

Her vast knowledge of Residential Resale and New Development sales helps her to stand out within the public eye for those in search of purchasing a new home, or selling their current family home.

As an Real Estate Sales Representative, Katia's main objective is to help each individual client reach and realize all key points when looking for your dream home, and get you what you truly deserve when selling yours.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell, upsize or downsize, lease, or invest, Katia's uncanny knowledge of Lisbon and its surround area will certainly help you get the best deal!

Training and Expertise
  • English
  • Español
  • Português
  • Ana Knezovic

    January 2020

    Katia, I have never worked along someone so helpful, kind and knowledgeable. Thank you for making these steps so much easier for our new home!! Being so anxious and picky, you have made this experience so smooth. We appreciate all your professional help!

  • Karmen Vasconelos

    January 2020

    Katia really knows how to dive into the wants and needs of her clients. Working with her, you gain the most knowledge and ultimately feel at ease because she walks you through the entire process so there are no hidden surprises.

  • Patricia Vasconcelos-Faria

    December 2019

    Lisbon has gained the best agent I know. From my experience in working with Katia here in Toronto, I know she goes above and beyond for her clients. I have asked to look at some very bizarre properties, and Katia was always up for the adventure. Taking a minute to sit in my vision before offering her professional opinion about the space. I wish her all the best in her new position. I can't wait for the day that I will be shopping for a vacation home, so we can search together again.

  • Michael Fischer

    September 2019

    Kátia will forever be my first-call for any real estate needs. My search criteria was long, and frankly, I was pretty unsure of what I was searching for - quickly and easy Kátia was able to uncover the hidden in all my jabbering, and found me the home of my dreams! Thank you again for all your help. Being a first-time buyer is never easier, the second time around I know will be even easier regardless of being a sale and purchase just because I already know I'll have you in my corner!

  • Kevin Pacheco

    May 2019

    First and foremost - I LOVE KÁTIA and am so incredibly lucky to have found her for my first property, and to have had her for everyone since then. From Toronto to Montreal, she has been the rare gem in a "bad reputation industry". I cannot recommend her enough, every friend, colleague, family member that has asked for recommendations when looking to buy, sell or rent is giving Kátia's name, number and e-mail and told there is no one else worth even meeting with. Thank you again for all the late night offers, long days of showings, and all the hard work you've put in. Highly, highly recommend!

  • Spencer Steeves

    January 2019

    She's smart and good at her job as well as being a great person. Highly Recommend!

  • Chase McFarlen

    January 2019

    Moving from Vancouver to Toronto was not looking like the easiest move to be making, but Kátia took the reins and made everything as seamless and easy as possible. When she said her job was to make the moving process as stress-free as possible, she wasn't joking, and I'm so glad to have found her. Thank you for all your assistance, recommendations, and lovely personal-touches. I'm in love with my new home and new city, all thanks to you.

  • Maddie Miller

    April 2018

    If it's even possible, Kátia went so in-depth with my property search that she nailed the showings and we put an offer in on the first day house hunting! It becomes so confusing when you're searching through an abundance of properties to select the "right ones" to view - thankfully, we didn't really have to. Kátia sifted through the lists for us beforehand, and really avoided we waste our time in seeing anything that wouldn't be acceptable for us. 5 properties in, and we decided to put an offer on the place before even leaving the Kitchen. Thanks for all your help, Kátia. You'll absolutely be out own call the next time around as well!

  • Will Parker

    April 2018

    Kátia did a great job helping me find a condo unit in Toronto as well as Vancouver. She was VERY responsive, did A LOT of legwork, and helped me resolve a few issues along the way that were out of our control. Kátia showed me she cares about her clients, and I would (and I have been) highly recommend her if you're ever looking for a Real Estate Professional.

  • Nick Lamming

    March 2018

    Katia, thank you for going above and beyond with everything you do. You're a wealth of knowledge and you always make your clients feel like number 1.

  • Matt McGunkin

    March 2018

    My girlfriend and I were in the process of moving to the city after receiving a big work control in Toronto. Finding Kátia was pretty well God-Sent and we couldn't be happier. She was not only available to assist us completely through our search process, negotiating our offer, and obtaining the best deal on our dream place in the middle of Toronto's crazy bidding-war season, but has continuously made us feel at home in a new city and condo, while constantly reminding us why she is the very best in the industry. From a surprise move-in basket when we walked in the door and lovely "moviversary" emails checking in, to tickets to entertainment events and recommendations to get to know the city - Kátia, you are above and beyond any regular Realtor, you've become a friend through every tedious process. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We cannot recommend you enough!

  • Manish Arora

    January 2018

    Kátia helped me purchase my property a few years back through the developer in phase 1 - I was incredibly lucky to have had her as most of those contracts are absolute gibberish for the average person. When it came time to selling it, she was even more of a help than during my purchase, which is unbelievable on its own after everything she did for me the first time around. Kátia, thank you repeatedly for everything, and for assisting and getting me ready for my move abroad. It was incredible to have you recommendations and connections in London, UK to make the move and new purchase "pain and stress free"!

  • Priya Koppikar

    October 2017

    I got intouch with Katia Baptista during the middle of my apartment-search and really appreciated her communication-style. She was very thorough in the information she gave me in our email correspondence. I will definitely be reaching out to Katia again when the time comes for me to utilize any real-estate services.

  • Kyle & Fiona Leydier

    July 2017

    All I can say is thank you! Kátia was able to find us the home we'd been dreaming of, and negotiated until we got it. We're super excited to finally be moving in. Anyone looking for a Real Estate Professional should be giving Kátia a call!

  • Peter Panourgias

    June 2017

    Thank you Katia Baptista It’s not often that I actually use people for information. Being the person that I am I often find that asking people for help (even those in their fields) for information in that field is usually half assed, and I always find that I did a better job than that person. That was until I met Katia. I wasn’t expecting the amount of information that I received. She just ended up digging further and further getting me more and more. Not going to deep into details but seeing how far she dug made me happy that I chose her to be my agent. Safe to say she’s given me hope that there are people out there in this day and age will go further into the rabbit hole than I ever could have. Five star rating for this go getter.

  • Dean Segell

    June 2017

    Katia truly goes above and beyond. She walked us through every step of the process - from putting us in the best position to secure our condo, to ensuring we had everything ready prior to our move, to sending us a gift basket to help us settle in, to following up once we moved in (and even a month later) to ensure we were happy and offering to help in anyway. I couldn't recommend Katia more highly.

  • Jerome Janiak

    February 2017

    Kátia has been of extraordinary help to find my first home. I have not met any other real estate agent that was as committed, available and professional as Kátia. I had complete trust in her advice and that she was looking out for my best interest. Thanks to Kátia, I now have a condo that met all my criteria. I would trust Kátia with all my future real estate inquiries and would highly recommend her to everyone.

  • Jáde Hindie

    July 2016

    Katia is simply awesome! Goes above and beyond for her clients. I've recommended her to friends in the past and will definitely do so again!

  • Christina Jennings

    April 2016

    Kátia Baptista is by far the best agent I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She goes above and beyond for her clients. I felt so overwhelmed until I met with Kàtia. She put me at ease and everything went smoothly. I highly recommend her to anyone in the market of buying, selling, leasing. She's one of the best!!!

  • Manal Chakra

    August 2015

    Katia is a genuine and caring Realtor and it's great working with her! She puts her customers first and goes above and beyond every time.