Paulo Ferreira

Contact with people is part of my life from a very early age. Professionally, I have been in contact with the public for 23 years in the pre-sales and after-sales support in several areas of practice and for practically my entire professional life.
In the year 2018, I embraced this project with this magnificent company Century 21 Azor, with which I fully identify myself. Being the first Real Estate Network in the world, known and recognized internationally, with a very high degree of customer satisfaction, it made me feel confident, motivated and fully supported to carry out my duties in a professional.
I have my personal and professional life based on a range of values, for which I practice such as: honesty, competence, professionalism, interest, commitment and dedication.
It was these values that I found as a motto in CENTURY 21 Azor. Confident thoughts result in trust in people.
From people, to people, Paulo Ferreira, I'm the right person to sell your property.

Training and Expertise
  • CREATE 21 Golden Edition
  • English
  • Português