Rui Pessoa

Graduated in product design at ESAD, and after several years in the area of ??luxury furniture having contacted several national and international markets I decided to embrace the commercial area.
Having covered a whole commercial career in the last 10 years, I had diverse experiences, including management of commercial teams.
Path that started in the real estate market and after brief stints in other areas, where I highlight cultural events, the last few years were back to Mediação Imobiliária as a consultant, in which I acquired a deep specific knowledge of the activity. More recently I decided to embrace the Century 21 project together with the Aliados Group team.
A strong component in my training as a person, was given by my creative activity but it was in Real Estate Mediation that I found my stability and fulfillment. The team spirit, the notions of respect and ethics and in particular the constant challenge, combined with the achievement of my clients' goals, give me the personal and professional fulfillment that so many yearn for.

This is my spirit. "It is the spirit that lives in Grupo Aliados II. And it is also the spirit of the winning project of Century 21

Training and Expertise
  • CREATE 21 Golden Edition
  • English
  • Español