"The real estate agent sells houses and helps buyers find a property."

It is in this simplistic way that many people characterize the consultant profession. However, the activity of real estate mediation is much more complex than it appears.

The work of a real estate consultant is divided into four fundamental areas: prospecting, attracting, selling and following up on clients.

What is prospecting?

Knowing the market is absolutely essential. A real estate consultant must be an expert in the area in which he works. Discovering everything there is to know about the field is not a one-time task. You must constantly monitor price fluctuations, the most sought after property types, changes that will impact the lifestyle in the area, etc.

A good real estate agent is concerned with talking to people to see where there are opportunities to get deals.

What is fundraising?

Property acquisition is one of the most important tasks of a real estate consultant, especially when the market is high, that is, when there is a lot of demand for properties.

The vast majority of real estate agents cannot afford to be just selling. It is necessary to increase, at the same time, the property portfolio, a task that is called "raising".

The fundraising process is extremely complex. There are several tasks to be carried out so that, in the end, the client entrusts the sale of the property to the consultant.

You need to assess the property's value, prepare a service presentation and create a marketing plan to explain to the customer how the sales process will be conducted. Even before signing the Real Estate Mediation Contract, the real estate consultant invests a lot of time to acquire a property.

The sales process in real estate mediation

Those who think that selling a property is simple must be disappointed.

There is a fundamental requirement for a real estate consultant to be successful in selling: knowing all the legal aspects.

It is precisely this aspect that makes a real estate agent a true consultant.

Dealing with legal issues is one of the most complex challenges for homeowners and buyers. They are often unaware of the documents and processes necessary to transact the property. Ideally, you should be advised by a professional who is aware of all regulatory changes and requirements.

For the sale of a property to be successful, it is necessary to prepare and promote it.

An increasingly present trend in the work of real estate consultants is counseling on "Home Staging", that is, on the preparation/decoration of the property for visits and photo sessions.

When visiting a property, potential buyers are often forced to use their imagination to envision what their new home will be like on a daily basis. With professional preparation, the rooms become more attractive and inviting. Choosing furniture suitable for the property's target audience makes those interested quickly imagine the lifestyle they will have after the move.

This technique is recurrently used by the best real estate agents. It requires more planning, but provides more advantageous sales.

The promotion of properties is not limited to sharing photos on social networks or portals. A real estate consultant needs to implement the marketing plan they have presented to the client and also create a personal branding or branding strategy.

Promotion is never just for real estate. It is also the consultant's own work.

A successful promotion results in potential buyers for the property. And it is from this moment that the work traditionally associated with the real estate agent begins: booking visits, showing the property and finalizing the sale.

The process of monitoring and managing customers

In the customer service component, the best real estate consultants use qualification techniques to determine what they want in a property, what they really need and how much they can really invest in a property.

The qualification of buyer customers is extremely important, as it means that real estate agents do not waste time showing properties that do not correspond to the real needs of buyers. Another big advantage is that homeowners are not bothered by visits from customers who cannot buy the property.

By being represented by a good real estate agent, homeowners gain an advantage in negotiating with buyers. All mediation is done by an experienced professional who receives and analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of all offers.

After the sale is completed, the relationship with customers does not end.

There is an enormous importance of after-sales in real estate mediation.

Creating an after-sales communication strategy helps real estate consultants cement their personal brand. keep a contact with old customers increases the probability of getting new business through the most effective channel: referral from friends and family.

A real estate consultant does much more than sell real estate. He is a truly multifaceted professional who has to be prepared for many changes.

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